Rubik's Revolution FAQ's


Q: What types of games are included in the Rubik's Revolution?

A: The games are speed-based, strategy-based, or a combination of both.  For example, Cube Catcher™ utilizes speed to win, while Code Cracker™ uses both speed and strategy.


Q: Do the colored sides move like the original Cube?

A: No, the sides do not move, but you must turn & spin the Revolution in your hands just like the original Cube in order to play each game. The faster you can move the Revolution in your hands, the better you will get at all of the core games!


Q: How do you solve the Rubik's Revolution?

A: Unlike the original Cube, there are levels of achievement in Rubik's Revolution to reward you as you improve at each of the games. There is no simple pass or fail in the Revolution. When you play, even for the first time, the Revolution will announce your score and/or time. As you practice, you will develop skills and strategies to excel at each of the games as well as unlock new levels!


Q: What is the highest score I can get in Light Speed™?

A: The highest score you can get is 999.


Q: How do you win in Multiplayer Madness™?

A: Be the last player who has not been eliminated.


Q: I hit all six lights in Rapid Recharge™, but the game didn't end. How do I beat the game?

A: When a light turns on, press it repeatedly to charge it up. The Cube will say the color while it is charging and CHARGED when the light is at full power. Fully charge all six sides at the same time to win!


Q: How do I adjust the volume in the Rubik's Revolution?

A: While the Rubik's Revolution tone plays, press the lights on the yellow & silver sides of the Cube simultaneously to enter the Volume Control mode. Press the SILVER light to increase the volume (4 is the loudest), or the YELLOW light to decrease the volume (1 is the softest). To select the desired volume and return to the main menu, press the lights on the yellow & silver sides of the Cube simultaneously.


Q: Does the Revolution come with batteries?

A: Yes, it comes with 3 AAA batteries, so it is ready to play right out of the package!


Q: I was playing with my Revolution and a sticker(s) peeled off. Can I get replacement ones?

A: Yes you can! Please fill out your contact & shipping info as well as where & when you bought your Revolution on the form found here. Once you complete this online form, one of our customer service representatives will contact you shortly.