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Buzz, Woody, and the whole gang
are back in an all-new line of
electronic games!

Buzz's Blaster Tilt Action LCD Video Game

Help Buzz defeat the Evil Emperor Zurg before he takes over the galaxy! Dodge Zurg's ion blasts, get him in your sights, and take him down to become the hero of Star Command!

Features Tilt Action Reload - simply tilt the blaster to recharge Buzz's laser when you run out of power! Press the trigger at any time to hear real movie sounds. Also includes multiple levels, sound control, vibrant color LCD screen, music and sound effects!

Bop the Alien
LCD Video Game

Little Green Men are popping up all over the place! Bop them when they light up as fast as you can before they get away! With two great ways to play, challenge your friends to see who can get the highest score! Also includes lights, music, and fun sound effects!

Zurg Attacks! LCD Video Game

Emperor Zurg has attacked the Galactic Alliance and only Buzz Lightyear can stop him! Help Buzz take down Zurg's legion of soldiers with his powerful laser beam, and blast this menacing monster to infinity…and beyond! Featuring multiple levels, sound control, vibrant color LCD screen, music and sound effects!

The Claw! LCD Video Game

The Claw chooses who will go and who will stay! Quickly figure out which of the Little Green Men does not look like the others, or he'll get away! Clips on for fun anytime!

Batteries Included!

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